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Rockstar Magazine returns to Streets in 2020

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Rockstar Magazine returns to Streets in 2020

After Publishing the Texas Sports Monthly publication for a full year our parent company Patriot Media Group will begin publishing Rockstar Magazine once again in Austin beginning in mid January next month.

The Publishers will be composing a January issue and a March edition in time for the spring Music festivals. If you have a band or business that would like to be apart of the 44th edition of Rockstar Magazine reach out to Russell and ask him about marketing your special event or showcase in the Spring of 2020. Reserving Ad – Space now.

Rockstar will also be seeking a new home for it’s local radio show “Austin Plugged In.” The show will air local artists on the radio and feature them in the pages of Rockstar every month. The show will offer rich history of Austin’s Culture and music scene and is currently seeking a home on FM or Digital until producers land a partnership with a local radio affiliate in Austin. API should air sometime in the Summer of 2020.

While we have also published Weird Magazine in Austin since 2002 and were also instrumental in getting one local conspiracy talk show hosts notable magazine on the streets in 2012, Patriot Media Group will also be offering several of its brands with Franchising opportunities beginning in early summer . If you would like to own a Franchise of the PMG arm of publishing brands you can reach out to them for your own Market.

PGM has published more than 4 brands of magazines and over 170 editions since 2002.

For more on Franchising or Licensing reach out to us in our Austin TX Office at 512-383-5081 or email us at [email protected]

New Radio Show coming soon from Rockstar Magazine.

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