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The San Antones

Photo: The San Antones

The San Antones

San Antonio, TX, May 20th 2019 – Reggae/Rocksteady San Antonio natives, The San Antones, will be releasing their latest single “Tell Me Your Name” feat. Jonny Benavidez on 6/28. This is a throwback tune with rich soulful vocals from Jonny Benavidez. Far from third wave Reggae The San Antones are keeping true to golden era Reggae & Rocksteady with a Texas twist. “Tell Me Your Name” is a bout a man who experiences love at first site and is desperate to know anything about the beauty he just met. This single was mixed and mastered by Roger Rivas (of The Aggrolites), he also plays organ.

The San Antones first started making music in August of 2018 and have been making some noise in the scene ever since. Their single “Texafornia” was featured on last year and this is what they had to say: “Texafornia eases the listener in with laid back guitar skank and organ melody before letting the full rhythm section drop. Living up to their name, the entire upcoming EP has a distinctly Texas feel to it; country guitar licks and plate reverbs create a unique sonic landscape, blending The San Antones’ Texan roots and their love for reggae music into a pleasant, highly listenable package.”

Radio/Dj’s: Airplay date 6/21

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