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Chris Duarte – 25th Anniv – Sugar Texas Strat Magik – Antone’s – Oct 16

Chris Duarte – 25th Anniv – Sugar Texas Strat Magik – Antone’s – Oct 16

Chris Duarte Group Reunite in Austin to Perform Texas Sugar Strat Magik
The Original Lineup Returns to Antone’s Night Club on the 25th Anniversary
Release Date!

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Austin, TX, Sep 19, 2019 – In 1994 the American music scene finds many Indie rock bands moving to mainstream air-play. Several indie bands, Offspring, Weezer and Live go multi- platinum with debut offerings. Nirvana’s front man, Kurt Cobain, is found dead in his home of apparent suicide. Also, in the wake of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s tragic death in 1990, the Blues genre continues to await a new king. October 16, 1994, the Chris Duarte Group releases their debut album Texas Sugar Strat Magik, and the Blues hit My Way Down arrives with great aplomb.
While Chris Duarte has been inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan, he credits John Coltrane as his number one musical idol. Chris Duarte fuses blues and rock, while melding in melodic and syncopated jazz solos during his live shows. No two live shows are ever the same, from the playlist to the extended musical excursions into the great unknown.
Chris Duarte is a road warrior, a musical sorcerer and a master of tone, with literally thousands of shows performed across our Nation and Worldwide. Chris Duarte was named “Best New Talent” in Guitar Player’s 1995 Reader’s Poll and finished fourth in the magazine’s “Best Blues Guitarist” category behind Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy and B.
B. King. He was inducted into the Canada South Blues Museum Hall of Fame in 2016. He has recorded 14 studio albums and has always encouraged “bootleg” recordings of his shows, yielding hundreds of fan-owned material posted on YouTube and in private archives.
On October 16th, original band members Chris Duarte, John Jordan (bass) and Brannen Temple (drums) will reunite at the iconic Antone’s Night Club, 305 E. 5th St., Austin TX, to play Texas Sugar Strat Magik in its entirety, to include extra tracks and explorations that have evolved over
the years. This will be an extraordinary evening of stratospheric rocking blues! Many die-hard fans are traveling in from all across the country to see this trio perform together again for one night only. Reserve your place at this historic event today!

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