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Fayuca Releases Single, “Other Lovers”

Fayuca Music

Fayuca Releases Single, “Other Lovers”

Austin, Texas, April 11, 2019—  Reggae/Alternative Phoenix natives, Fayuca, released their new single, “Other Lovers” on March 22nd. This melodic modern-reggae tune dances with hints of Latin guitars, ambient landscapes and harmonies which take a pop-like approach. Far from Pop, Fayuca is mostly known for their 2015 MTV Debut, “Por Que Seguir”, a politically driven Ska-Punk-Cumbia song where the oppressed overthrow the oppressors. 

In Other Lovers, lead singer, Gabo, is joined by the band’s trumpet player, Dan ET, to tell the story of letting go. “‘Other Lovers’ lays out the story of a sweetheart who is consistently at the back of your mind, despite moving on to new relationships’” ( Produced and co-written by Matthew Keller, the team agreed to compose Fayuca’s new record with one thought in mind, passion for art and expression. This approach allowed the writing process to flow openly without tying the band into a specific genre. Their new single toys with textures, harmonies and a lyrical content expressing just that. “We dug deep to find those broken heart strings, and then we wrote about it”, says lead singer, Gabo, when remembering the creation of Other Lovers. 

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